DeViL’s InStInCt


Devil ‘s instinct, we all do have devil’s instinct. This is always present somewhere deep down beneath our souls. So when does it come out..? well..! the answer is very simple when your soul is damaged it starts to come out. Your devil’s instinct is always as stronger as your soul is damaged.

Devil’s instinct slowly makes you addicted to pain.  At the beginning,  you enjoy this pain yourself. But as soon as your soul become more damaged this Demon’s Instinct starts to spread around, without you knowing, that you are harming the people around you.

The feeling of pain that you kept to yourself at the beginning, is now spreading around. Actually, now you enjoy this feeling that the other people are experiencing the same pain, through which you have gone a long time ago. it’s pleasurable to see others in pain. Here the Devil’s instinct wins.

you can get rid of this devil’s instinct by fulfilling the holes of damaged soul with good deeds. Do small deeds of goodness no matter what. This is the only way you can overcome this demon’s instinct.

                                                                                                           Tahzeeb Zahra